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Our team is on a mission to build the next-gen network observability platform. We're integrating all your network data sources into one seamless experience, delivering real-time answers to every network question.

By harnessing the latest advances in generative AI and cutting-edge mathematical modeling, our platform helps network professionals tackle issues faster, spot crucial alerts, foresee future challenges, and unlock the full potential of AIOps. Welcome to the future of network observability!

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We effectively analyze, correlate, and connect the vast amounts of data generated by modern networks, enabling:

Faster issue resolution

Faster issue resolution

We naturally guide operators towards the problem across data sources and layers, enabling real-time root cause analysis.

Actionable alerts & reports

Actionable alerts & reports

We make alerts actionable by adding the missing context to correlate, aggregate and filter them before they reach your inbox.

What-if & resilience analysis

What-if & resilience analysis

We improve availability and proactively prevent incidents by leveraging our models to evaluate what-if scenarios.

Meaningful AIOps

Meaningful AIOps

We unlock large language models (LLMs) for network data, and combine them with our mathematical models where their reasoning abilities fall short.


Many other use cases

Furthermore, our approach applies to network security, application & multi-cloud monitoring, planning, cost management, self-healing networks, auto-documentation, and more.

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NetFabric combines Large Language Models (LLMs) with advanced mathematical models from a decade of research to provide the context you need to truly understand your network

NetFabric connects ALL data sources and infers missing pieces to create a comprehensive view of your network.
NetFabric provides real-time answers and actionable insights to any network-related question.

Our prototype has been validated with operators & engineers, receiving praisal across the board

We have invested person-years into these problems!

Senior network engineer managing a large university network

Connecting data together is the holy grail!

CTO at a network monitoring company

Support for multiple vendors is key for us!

Senior network engineer with over 10 years of hands-on experience

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